Why I couldn't sell My propert

Expired Listings

Property Didn't Sell

Expired Listing

You may have seen it in your neighbourhood. For sale signs that stay up for months and no Sold signs ever appears.You feel like it may be bringing your property value down. What's going on ?Why can't they sell?

I LOVE THE Challenge of an EXPIRED listing. My track record proves I know how to market and sell EXPIRED listings.


Marketing Plan that works

.Expired listings happen when there is one of the listed problems exist.

1)Wrong agent or not local agent 
2)lack of marketing or marketing to the wrong buyers 
3)lack of exposure 
4)Your property is not market ready 
5)Your tenant blocks the showings 
6)Low commission offered 

I look at your property from different angle when it comes to EXPIRED listings , IDENTIFY the problems and get your house SOLD.